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Too Old To Start Exercising?

Has it been years (maybe decades) since you've exercised regularly and you are wondering if you are too old to start? Starting an exercise program after such a long break can be scary. Many people are concerned about getting injured from exercise due to their age or inexperience. But, there are many benefits that can be achieved from exercising at an older age, including keeping up with those grandchildren!

The Journal "BMC Geriatrics" published a systematic review of exercise interventions in older adults. A systematic review means that they did a comprehensive search on all previous studies that examined exercise in older adults and reviewed the information. To ensure trustworthy results, they took great care to only include quality studies. For example, they only included studies that were classified as randomized controlled trials - meaning the subjects were randomly assigned to an exercise group or a control group (no exercise).

How Old is an "Older Adult"

The study utilized a sample of 1067 "older people", with a mean age of 82.5 years old. In this group, they found that exercise could improve:

- Incidence of falls

- Mobility

- Balance

- Strength

- Body composition

These results are even with an average age of 82 years old!

How Do I Get Started?

You may still have some hesitation in getting started and that's OK. The exercises given to the subjects were designed by professionals and so should yours! Contact me to get started with In-Person or Virtual Training.

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