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Six People You Should Follow on Instagram

Social media can be a waste of time and can even be damaging to our mental health. That being said, it can also be great source of valuable information. It all comes down to who you follow and being intentional in curating a social feed that will help inform, inspire and uplift you. I strive for my social posts to be a source of helpful information, tips and sometimes even offer some levity. I wanted to point you to some other accounts I have found beneficial and recommend you start following!

Here are six of my favorite accounts I follow on Instagram:

Clean Eatz is one of my favorite spots to get a healthy lunch in Greensboro. They have frozen meals and fresh meals available to purchase.

Bosu Fitness offers lots of great ideas for utilizing one of my favorite pieces of equipment! My clients know how effective the Bosu can be!

Carter's account has great information and helpful reminders for those wishing to lose weight (or just eat healthy). You can also learn more about his own weight-loss journey on his Instagram.

This is one of my favorite Instagram accounts. Not only do Ben and I share a first name, but we also share a similar perspective on training. We both like to do what works instead of what "looks good on social media." If you follow him, you'll likely see some celebrity clients like Chelsea Handler, Kate Upton, Justin Timberlake, or NBA Player Meyers Leonard working out!

You may recognize Sohee's name from my blog post about my favorite books. Her Instagram posts offer great tips on the psychological aspects of working out and healthy eating.

Last but not least, Michael Boyle. Michael is another person you may recognize from my blog on must-read books. Much of my training philosophy is based on his decades of experience.

I think you will enjoy following these accounts on Instagram and will likely learn a lot along the way! If you ever see anything on social media related to fitness or nutrition that you have a question about - don't hesitate to reach out!

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